I need to be careful

Posted: July 27, 2015 in Uncategorized

today I was thinking about how I DO NOT like lairs

“oh, I quit that” —–> LIE

“oh I don’t do that any more” ——> LIE

but I need to also understand that this may be me!! “oh I am on this (or that) eating plan” —–> LIAR

I get the whole be kind to yourself speech, but I need to walk the talk

this got me through today

I DO NOT want to be a LIAR 

I want to be honest, especially to myself.

I went and bought some work clothes today, I needed to …. It’s like this weird feeling like I need to “punish” myself and not feel good about  myself until I see a magic number on the scale…  HOOEY!!!

Today I was honest with myself and I was also nice to myself

Karla signing off


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